Sunday, February 6, 2011

Techie Auto-Writing

Author: Lillie Ruby

Automatic writing has probably been around as long as scribes were putting pen to paper, but since computers have become common-place, auto-writing can be high-tech. While many people believe putting a pen on paper is the only way to really reach out to your Higher Consciousness or Spirit Guides, I prefer the computer keyboard.
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Pen and paper don't work well for me. For one thing, I'm left-handed so spiral notebooks, ring-binders etc are uncomfortable for me to use. Even some pens won't work well if held in the left hand. Computer keyboards (with the exception of the number pad) are much more ambidextrous and I'm frequently near mine. So, I prefer Techie Auto-Writing.

I began this form of Spiritual Communication almost as early as my first computer. It's simple to use and of course, only requires your computer. Any of you speed texters might even be able to work that way, but my phone tries to guess and auto-fill what I'm texting. If I don't pay attention and correct it, my friends get pretty confused. All my fingers work faster together than my thumbs and I don't have to worry about trying to translate through the auto-fill.
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As with any other form of Spiritual Communication, you need to ground, center and ask for communication with spirits who have your best interest at heart-only. I've done this so long, that I simply, say "Ground. Surround." Then I mentally ask my question and allow the information to flow. I generally work with my eyes closed and don't read anything until the session is finished. I'm often surprised at just what information comes through.

If you are a beginner, you may need to meditate a few minutes. Peace and quiet is always a boost to communication. Soft music, candles, whatever helps you relax and open up your spiritual channels is ok too.
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Once you feel ready, simply close your eyes and allow your fingers to type whatever they want. Don't try to control it in any way. Remember that Spirit Communication isn't a perfect science. If Uncle Joe couldn't spell well in life, he probably won't in the hereafter. Your Spirit may spell phonetically, or use colloquialisms you aren't familiar with, so be open minded when reading.

It takes a lot of energy for Spirits to speak with you. Something like text-talk or a combination of these examples may appear. For example U R redn an rtikle on tekwritn. If your Guide is from another century, the words may be grammatically different. Even correct spelling for that time, may be a bit confusing. Over all, don't dismiss whatever you have typed. Come back the next day and see if it makes sense then, or has turned out to be a prediction of a life event.
That's all it takes to do Techie Auto-writing. Oh, and a lot of practice!

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