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Ways to get your website shown to the world

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You can host your website on your own computer. For this you need XAMPP. But don't underestimate the costs and needs.

Hardware Expenses

To run a website, you will have to buy an computer. if you have a website with low traffic (max 5 viewers at the time) You can do with a home computer. Problem is the upstream. Most internet connections are ADSL, but the upload speed is always much slower then the download speed. The connection speed is the bottleneck. You need to hire a highspeed connection

Software Expenses

You can use the free XAMPP software, but you have to be a techy to install this all and get it work for you.
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Why a webhost with a hosting provider
Another way to let the world see your webpages is to go to a webhost. This service if offered by a webhost provider that places your web site on a computer.

This computer is connected to the internet. Even a ‘simple' home computer can do this, but mostly a webhostingprovider has high speed servers.
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This way gives that others who surf the internet can access your website.
Most computers can connect to the internet in a way the can serve a website. That's why it is called a webserver. With a set of software (XAMPP) everybody can be a webhost. But it´s not recommend if you're not a techie .

A other difference between your home computer and a webhost is the fast connection. As you have a slow upload speed (the speed you send bits and bytes to the internet) A webhost need the opposite. A webhost provider may host thousands of web sites on many servers. The web host lends out space on this server you can get your website up on the world wide web.
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Larger host providers has their own datacenters (collection of servers), others rent a server from a larger web hosting company and resell the space. This is called shared webhosting and can be cheaper, but it can be slower too.

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